The BMW 02 series is a line of compact sports cars produced in 1966-1977 based on the New Class sedan version. It was sold as a 2-door coupe, convertible and 3-door hatchback with rear-wheel drive and a front-mounted engine. The first model of the 02 series was the 1600-2 and although less well equipped than the New Class, it was lighter, faster and better handled. A total of 837 038 examples of the 02 series were produced.

The 2002 model is basically a 1600-2 with a 2-liter engine. Engine performance has increased over the years and development. First it had 99 hp (74 kW), then 128 hp (96 kW), and from the turbocharged version, which had 168 hp (125 kW), was available. The version with turbo was capable of 211 km/h.