The Morgan Plus 4 (+4) is a car produced by the Morgan Motor Company with breaks in 1950-1969, 1985-2000 and 2005-2020, when it was replaced by the new +4 built on a bonded aluminum platform. It is a slightly more powerful version of the previous 4/4 model.

The Morgan Plus 4 was announced at the 1950 Earl’s Court motor show in . It was sold as a 2/4-seat sports car, a coupe and a 2-door convertible. It had a rear drive and engine located in the front. The Plus 4 was equipped with a 2-litre engine when it was introduced. In 1953 a more powerful version was announced with a 2-litre I4 engine, which was used in the Triumph TR2 car. In the 1960s, front disc brakes were standardized. From 1955 the Triumph TR3 engine was used and from 1962 the Triumph TR4. The version with the TR3 engine was able to reach a speed of 161 km/h with a fuel consumption of 10.4 l/100km.