The Ford Escort is a small family car produced in the years 1968-2000. It was 6 generations deployed on three basic platforms. The first and second generations were produced in 1968-1980 and were rear-wheel drive. The third and fourth generations were produced in the years  1980-1992 and were front-wheel drive. The fifth and sixth generations were produced in 1990-2002 and were the final versions of the car. It was gradually replaced by the Ford Focus, which was launched in 1998.

The Ford Escort Mk1 was introduced at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1968 and replaced the Ford Anglia. It was most successful in the UK, where it became a bestseller of the sixties. It was sold as a 2-door van, a 2/4-door sedan and a 3-door station wagon. The engine was located in the front and was rear-wheel drive. It was available with several I4 engines ranging from 0.9-liter to 2-liter, which were mated to a 4-speed manual or 3-speed aic transmission.