The Volvo P1800 (eighteen hundred) was a 2+2 sports car with a front-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive produced in 1961-1973. Its mechanics were derived from the Volvo Amazon/122 series. The P1800 was marketed as a touring car rather than a sports car.

In 1988, the 1800S (owner – Irv Gordon),  was the first car to be certified as a private vehicle with the  highest mileage in non-commercial  operation (over 5.23 million miles in 2018).

The Volvo 1800ES was introduced in 1972 as the last variant of the P1800 with frameless all-glass tailgate. Engine power was reduced to 125 hp (93 kW) and the was mated to a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission. During the 2 model years, only 8077 examples of the EC were produced.