The Aston Martin AMR1 was a Formula C racing car developed in 1989. The car participated in the World Sports Prototype Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1989. After a racing effort as an engine supplier, Aston Martin decided in the early 1980s that it would develop its own car for the World Sports Prototype Championship. Thus, in late 1987, a partnership was formed between Peter Livanos, Victor Gauntlett, Richard Williams and Ray Mallock and a new company known as Proteus Technology Ltd (Protech) was formed. The team was tasked with developing the AMR1 project, which would compete for the first time during the 1989 season.

The car was powered by a 6-litre V8 engine with 700 hp (522 kW) known as the RDP87. The chassis was made of carbon-kevlar. The engine was fitted with a 100 litre fuel tank and 6.5 litre reserve for extra range. The car had a 5-speed manual transmission.