The Alpine A310 was a sports car produced by the French in the years 1971-1984. The model was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, sold as a 2-door coupe and replaced the Alpine A110. Initially, the car was powered by a four-cylinder engine with an output of 125 hp (93 kW). In 1976, the cheaper A310 SX was introduced with a 1.6-litre engine, 94 hp (70 kW) and simplified equipment. The engines were mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The production of the car from start to finish took 130 hours and a total of 11616 examples were produced in all variants. In 1976, a version with a 6-cylinder engine was also introduced with a power output of 148 hp (110 kW), which was later increased to 190 hp (142 kW).