The Bentley R-type was the second series of post-war Bentley cars, produced from 1952-1955, replacing the Mark VI. It’s basically a Mark VI. with a bigger boot. A total of 2323 units were produced. The car was available in standard as a 4-door sedan, had rear-wheel drive and a front-mounted engine. It was powered by a 4.6-liter I6 engine with an estimated output of 130 hp (97 kW) and a choice of a 4-speed manual or aic transmission.

The Bentley R-Type Continental was the version with more power. At that time it was the fastest 4-seater car, it could reach a speed of 190 km/h. In 1954, the engine capacity was increased to 4.9 litres. Only 208 examples were produced in total, including the prototype, making this car very valuable to collectors. In 2015, a 1952 model in unrestored condition sold for more than 1 million. USD.