The Lotus Éclat was a two-door sports car produced between 1975 and 1982. It was based on the Elite, but had a fastback body that offered more practicality and storage space, albeit with less headroom over the rear seats. The lower half of the fiberglass body was identical to the Elite body. The car was originally to be called the “Elite Coupe”. Approximately 1500 units were produced. The Lotus Éclat was produced in two series. The first series (1975-1980) was powered by a 2-litre I4 engine with 160 hp (120 kW) and was available with a 4/5-speed manual transmission. The second series (1980-1982) was powered by a 2.2-litre engine, but due to modifications to emission regulations, the power output remained the same as the earlier engine. It was available with a 5-speed manual and a 3-speed aic transmission.